Mega Mintis Infotech Private Limited


Mainframes are one of the most scalable, secure and proven platforms, evolved by decades of continuous enhancements. The Mainframes teams are focused on innovating, not just chasing the latest trends but real innovation that solves customer problems and creates real value


Application Support

Application Support services address these questions & is built around our ‘ReImagine’ ASM (Autonomics & Orchestration) framework, which enhances our proven Managed Services elements to deliver ‘the 3E impact’ in IT operations—Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Experience.


Network Services and UCC

Modern enterprises are embracing digitalization as a business model for their network infrastructure, exploring innovative sources of revenue such as IoT, big data analytics, and M2M. The consequent increase in data volumes necessitates an overhaul of existing network infrastructure and the implementation of robust network applications services.


Product Testing

The current ecosystem is undergoing digital disruption across applications and products. The Internet of Things (IoT) is integrating products into processes and ecosystems, and proliferating connected devices. Cloud / SaaS and Open Source innovations are disrupting platforms. Applications are incurring huge integration needs.


Business Assurance and testing

IT leaders don’t think the same about testing today as they did five years ago. As the market has changed, so have the needs of business. The prevalence of mobile applications, the adoption of the cloud, the embracing of service virtualization, the consumption of big data and other developments have changed the way IT solutions are delivered to the business.